Strategies For Getting The Most Out of Your Next Video Conference Meeting


Like it or not, video conferencing is here to stay – in fact, the latest research suggests that most of the workforce currently working remote like it very much. According to Harvard Business Review, at-home workers are happier, more productive, and less likely to quit. This is the new normal, and boy are we glad!

So with that in mind, how can we get the most out of meetings from home? How can we optimize and evolve for success?
Here’s 5 ways Soundbar AV knows are guaranteed to get the most out of your next video conference…

Head space and real space: Get them both in order
If you’re on a video call trying to swap ideas and engage with your team, it’s really hard to focus if you’re still in your PJs at 2pm. And the flow of thinking can be heavily impacted by your cat playing with your foot under the bed covers!

Set up a dedicated, distraction-free space in your home that mirrors your workspace at the office. Make sure it’s away from distractions like pets or cookies on the counter, and help yourself get in the zone.

Be seen and heard: Invest in great equipment
At Soundbar AV we’ve set up all kinds of teams and devices. A solid trust in high quality equipment ensures consistent connections and eases the stress of not being understood or missing out on something important.

Talk to us at Soundbar AV about the latest laptops, external video conference webcams, and headset options – all of which have a big impact on communicating with ease and clarity. And to your stress levels.

Virtual Hosting: Hold your meeting on the right software
There are a lot of options for video calls right now; Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams – it’s important to choose software that can handle your needs, but also that your team can use without reading a big heavy manual!

At Soundbar AV we’ll make recommendations and talk you through all the features step by step – how to mute, unmute, hang up, call in – absolutely every feature of every platform you need to use.

Ready, not resting: Prepare yourself and your device
Mark Shead over at Productivity 501 reminds us how important it is to be prepared. Rolling out of bed straight into a video conference call isn’t the best idea, and the same goes for your computer – trying to push your hardware straight into a video call you can cause a lot of trouble.

Reboot your computer ahead of the video conference to give it a fresh start. Connect to the meeting at least 10 minutes early, and close any other programs that’ll sap your internet or crash your computer.

Once more with feeling: Come across as confident and alert
The more you treat your video conferences like in-person meetings, the more you’ll get out of them – better ideas, clearer communication, and a stronger bond with your team while you’re apart. Don’t lose the chemistry you have with your colleagues because of Covid-19!

Always turn on your camera so your whole team can be present. If you’re worried about how you look, take the time to wash your face and drag a comb through your hair – it’s worth it to stay engaged with your coworkers. Sit up, look in the camera, and be the version of yourself you would be in person. It’ll make a huge difference!