How to measure and improve the performance of your boardroom.


Slowly but surely – and most important, safely – offices are beginning to open again, and workers are returning to the workplace. In Canada we’re taking extra precautions to allow face to face workflow to reemerge, but what does that look like from a business owner perspective?

For most, there are new and unique problems. Boardroom design now needs to be efficiently planned to facilitate social distancing. Equipment needs to be up to date with the demands of a half in and half out team. The snack table has to go!
With help from Soundbar AV, return to work after Covid-19 doesn’t have to be a problem. Here’s our 3 step solution that will enhance your boardroom performance under any circumstances.

1. Measure boardroom performance the right way

First of all, you need to understand how your boardrooms are being used. According to Officernd – one of the leading platforms for co-working, meeting, and flex spaces – measuring boardroom performance comes down to identifying the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Track the trends – learn who is booking meeting rooms, when they are most used, and for what purpose.

With all this information at hand and easily managed, you can assess how to best set up boardrooms for the right function. Soundbar AV can help you understand your metrics and give you a detailed plan on how best to utilize the space you have.
We’ll install great tracking, booking and analytics software like Roomzilla or Robin on all your devices, and together we can plan out how to maximize boardroom performance, and keep your staff safe.

2. Update boardroom technology

Now we’ve got a better understanding of how your workers use the space, let’s update your boardroom with the latest technology. This is what’s going to keep your team securely connected and communicating clearly.

Soundbar AV only work with the best equipment out there, and so should you. With the plan from step one based on real-time metrics, we can source and install the boardroom technology your company needs to stay connected.

We’ll start with a reliable internet connection. Then power-up your video conferencing capabilities with top of the line cameras, microphones, and touchscreens for instant file and data sharing or meeting room projection equipment. Interactive whiteboards are a great way to create ideas in sharable files for creative business boardroom solutions. Anything is possible, and it’s all personalized to what your business needs.

3. Encourage great boardroom experience

Now, the fun part – using the space! With the right software both tracking and booking rooms effortlessly, and your freshly installed meeting room touchscreen panels making user interaction easy, you’ve created a safe, engaging, and productive space for your team to collaborate.

The space is designed specifically for your team requirements and usage, infusing efficiency and productivity right into the heart of your business. A Soundbar AV boardroom transformation will allow a safe return to work that will help your company pick up speed after a very uncertain first half of the year. Not sure what we can do about the snack table though – it looks like bring your own bagged lunch is back in a big way!

We love working with teams on better understanding their spaces. Let’s talk about how you can streamline your meeting room and get the most out of your space. Click here to start the conversation.