The best ways to increase the productivity of your call centre staff.


With more companies than ever choosing to embrace the all-remote business structure and cut down on locations in 2020, the need for on-call solutions has sky-rocketed. Because more customers are choosing not to travel to branches, offices, and physical sites, more needs to be completed over the phone and internet. Which can put a strain on your call centre staff and company resources if you’re not ready.

One of the main worries that call-centre operators deal with is how to keep productivity and efficiency high, when there is no physical contact with the end consumer. How can we keep numbers up, sales profitable, and customers happy over the phone?We’ve found that the answer is staying connected. Here’s how Soundbar AV recommends you connect to stay ahead.

Connect with your staff, and connect them to the job.

For agents, call-centre work can turn monotonous, and sometimes draining if they feel like they can’t move beyond a certain set of boundaries. Tightly scripted responses and intense targets can suck the life out of any driven employee, and lead to poor quality customer experience, high turnover, and extended periods of retraining. It’s important to let your agents know that they are valued, an integral part of the company, and that there is room for them to grow.

One of the first things we recommend here at Soundbar AV, is to really connect with your staff, and unite them as a team with you and other management. Measure staff training progress, review performances with positive and constructive feedback, and always find ways to praise the efforts of both individuals and your team. A good way to do this is to track real-time metrics and allow for agents to highlight interactions they feel good about.

This will start to positively affect customer experience, as agents grow in confidence. Then you can start to allow team members a certain level of autonomy when it comes to solutions for customers – help them make decisions and find a natural way of communicating with customers that can be a little more off-book. Better, more in-depth training will encourage growth in individuals, which will boost customer relationships and come back as growth in your business.

Soundbar AV recommends metric tracking and CRM systems like Talkdesk, Five9, and Hodusoft to connect you, your team, and your metrics.

Connect your business with the latest technology

Three of the main technological issues that prevent your staff from being productive and efficient are; unreliable connections, low quality call sound, and single channel support options.

If your business is not engaging with customers face to face, then your agents are going to be leaning heavily on technology to connect and get that final positive result. Clear, effortless and reliable connections to both the call-in customer and to other call stations is paramount in keeping your agents effective and productive.

Soundbar AV telephony and connectivity solutions are always the best on the market. We focus on linking your multi-line phone system or call centre with hardware that won’t let your agents down in the middle of a call, and that delivers crisp communication both ways. We’ll set up multi-channel supports and phone lines that can redirect across effortlessly to several different team members.

Let us connect your team with Poly or Jabra headsets that can be paired into your existing system or set up with a new, multi-channel system like Dixa or Twillo. We can show you how to better connect across multiple platforms, and provide the best call centre hardware to do it.

Let’s get you connected on all fronts. Call or message us today and get started on making your call centre more productive and effective for your business.