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Our mission is to bring enhanced collaboration and communication technology to offices across the country. As a technology & services provider, we empower your team to take advantage of the latest advances in video conferencing, IP telephony, connectivity & more. Take your team work to the next level by partnering with Soundbar AV.

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Dedicated to simple, easy to use systems and comprehensive training, we engineer spaces that advance and improve operations with speed and practicality in mind. Our goal is to enable your management and teams to operate more effectively, communicate globally, and streamline businesses with seamless, sophisticated control.

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  • 20+ Years in Audio Visual & Telephony Industry.
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Streamline Communications & Enhance Productivity

Understanding the best hardware solutions for your existing platforms is the fundamental quality of our outstanding service.

We offer state of the art technology and modernized meeting rooms with thoughtful design and implementation.

Empower your team to communicate and collaborate with the best technological advances in video conferencing.

Our communication installation services connect any device and hardware to your existing phone or computer system.

We simplify and strengthen connectivity through a detailed knowledge of multiple platforms, software, and devices.

Adapt and succeed in today’s remote working environment.

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Boardrooms are a great place for team meetings, that's why it helps to have the latest smart video technology, which focuses on real-time collaboration and reliable operation.

Meeting Rooms

Next time you go into a meeting room, imagine how we can help your meetings run more smoothly while saving your company money over the short and long run.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms can serve to boost productivity by giving members of your organization a voice and a comfortable platform to be heard. Ensure that your staff gets the most out of your breakout room.

Co-working Offices

There is no doubt about it, co-working offices are here to stay. Attract, retain and empower your co-working clients with the latest in audio visual and connectivity technology.

Remote Teams

In today’s workplace, you’re just as likely to be working with someone in a different part of the country as you are with someone in a different part of the office - which is why having the latest technology is important.

Call Centers

A call center’s effectiveness depends on one very important factor: the productivity of its agents. By working with us, you can increase agent engagement and spark motivation.

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