Working Remotely Hinges On Technology For Team Collaboration


Right now we’re all feeling more than a little disjointed – taking each day as it comes, uncertain of the future, and isolated from our coworkers and team members. Under normal circumstances a big team project can get underway in your company’s state of the art board room, where close proximity and working collaboratively together gives life to great ideas.

But what happens when we can’t be in the same room to hash out our thoughts and share that collective brainpower quite so freely? It’s called a think tank for a reason – those ideas are swimming around in the ether waiting to be netted! When we’re in separate rooms and far away spaces, how do we pool our resources?

According to Zapier – a frontrunner in achieving exceptional results from its remote workforce – there are 3 ingredients to successful remote team collaboration; Process, Team, and Tools.

And when it comes to tools, there’s nothing more important than technology to keep your business and your team connected.

Hardware: Clear communication that you know you can rely on.

There’s nothing worse for workflow than a dropped call, a bad connection, or a blurry picture. Imagine hitting on the idea of the century, only to have to shelve it’s progress due to the CEO being frozen out of the call! Unreliable technology can stop that free flow of ideas and information in its tracks, not to mention causing untold frustration and time wasted.

Thanks to a study by The Instant Group, a flexible workspace innovation company based in New York and London, we know that around 50% of remote workers selected quality audio and video conferencing as the most important aspects of their collaborative spaces. But with the prevalence of Covid-19 preventing any kind of in-person teamwork, how can businesses ensure that everyone can be seen and heard?

At Soundbar AV, we deal only with the very best hardware on the market, tried and tested, and offering solid reliability that can transform the way your remote team works together. Enhanced audio and video output allows clear viewing and communication for every meeting. Easy to install and easy to manage – but most of all, dependable, consistent, and steadfast. Just what you need to enhance collaboration and encourage buy-in from your team.

Software: Keeping your team organized, up to date, and in-sync.

In 2020, it is considered normal for small companies under 50 employees to use an average of around 40 SaaS (Software as a Service) products. These are apps and software services that are hosted in the cloud, and use multiple log-in accounts so that employees can collaborate digitally. Sharing ideas, files, images, spreadsheets, important information, and more with everyone on their team.

These tools are a lifeline for remote workers partnering with a large team. It keeps everyone in the loop, and puts all necessary resources in one place. Project management becomes streamlined and succinct with services like Monday, Asana, and Trello. Multi-party conference calls and video meetings can contain as many as 1000 participants with Zoom, all hosted in real-time. Great for a zero-contact office party!

At Soundbar AV, we have been helping companies leverage cloud collaboration tools for years. We can help set your company up with all the latest software needed to run a productive team; with anything from installation and walkthrough to troubleshooting. No matter who’s on your team, we can bridge the gap with simple and friendly consultations and make recommendations that work with your current operating system – or bring you into the new decade with fully integrated systems that work seamlessly no matter what business you are in.

How are you shaping your tools? Let us help you shape your technology into a tool of empowerment for your team, and your business.