How Remote Work is Changing the Way We Collaborate & Do Business


With the arrival of spring 2020 came a huge change in the way we work; whether we were prepared for it or not. The sudden and drastic onset of Covid-19 has forced the hand of many companies, pushing them into relying heavily on a remote work team. Employees are working from home to keep everyone safe, and that can be worrying for a business that’s used to on-site collaboration.

But guess what – change is a good thing.

Even if you felt your company wasn’t quite ready for it, introducing a remote work aspect has shown a drastic improvement to businesses across the board – from being able to source higher caliber talent from anywhere across the globe, to increasing high performance through work-life balance improvements.

But how does a business ensure it’s getting the best out of its workforce, and doing what’s right for the future?

The hidden benefits: What remote work can do for your team

Offering the flexibility of remote work has been a tough discussion for a lot of businesses – can you rely on your staff to get their work done unsupervised? Will the quality of work or output drop? How will other companies consider my business?

It comes down to trust. Workers are human, and there are a lot of benefits to remote work that directly affect productivity. Not having to commute, avoiding workplace distractions and having the flexibility to fulfil family care responsibilities reduces stress, improves mood, and has a direct correlation to increased efficiency and work production. And according to studies, companies that support remote workers have 25% lower employee turnover than companies that don’t (Owl Labs State of Remote Work Study, 2017).

That means a more loyal and dedicated team, working happier and more efficiently. Of course, it’s not as easy as sending everyone home for the day. How can you be sure these benefits will enrich your business?

Doing it right: Connectivity that works for you

The key to an competent and effective remote team is support. Setting up your team for success, and making sure they have the right tools at their disposal to get the most out of remote work.

When working remote, the main problems are with communication. Staying in the loop, lack of visibility and facetime with leadership, and IT issues are three of the biggest challenges workers face when they find themselves away from the office. With a blended workforce – one that supports both remote and office-based work – brainstorming and collaboratively exploring ideas with a team can be a struggle, as it requires creative and visual back and forth.

According to Fast Company and Glass Door, there are three things you can give your remote workers to succeed; clear instructions, disciplinary excellence, and adequate technology.

Here’s how we can help you with all three.

Invest in the future: How Soundbar AV can set up your remote work team for success

When we’re geographically far apart, it’s technology that brings us together. Project Management tracking, constant emails and messaging, and even multi-party group meetings via video all play a huge role in keeping your team working together, even when they’re apart – and that’s where we come in.

Our advanced video conferencing solutions bring teams together no matter where they are. Sharing files, screens, digital whiteboards and ideas in real time. Partnering with the most popular video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx and more, we make it possible to keep your hard-working teams effortlessly connected.

We provide the highest quality hardware for video and sound that is reliable and easy to use, so there are no headaches over connectivity. With our help, you can offer the support and technology your team needs to access meetings, project management software, shared files, and more – one less thing to worry about in these uncertain times.

Call us today and give the best tools to your remote team – for now, and the future.